A Complete ATM Solution

ATMs Placement Options

1- Not intend to Purchase ..?

We know that everyone is not in a position to purchase an ATM, and because of that we have a free placement program. Not only are we willing to provide an ATM at no cost , we share the surcharge revenue with you! You will be able to provide your customers with the convenience of having cash, and make additional revenue from each transaction.

2- Purchase as an investment.

If you are looking to buy fixtures and equipment for a new venture, a remodel or simply see that the time has come to fully own your own ATM. We provide the best equipment available on the market at very competitive prices . Alot of people who purchase ATMs see a full return on their investment in a time measure in month not years. Owning and loading the machine allows you to reap 100% of the surcharge revenue.

3- Existing ATM Cleints.

If you curtrently have an ATM and ar looking to make a change, we can help make it easier with our trade in program. Leave poor service and constant fees in the past. Change for the better to eCashATMs Contact us and see how we can make your choice right.

ATMs Processing

eCashATMs is one of the Leading service providers in ATM industry which have their own transaction processing system. Our ATM process has a record of virtual Up time ( 99.99%). We deliver significantly more approved customer transactions. eCashATMs can connect any currently installed ATM to its network. eCashATMs can provide your business with direct connections to telecommunications and banking networks for ATM processing, including Star, Plus, Cirrus, NYCE, Armed Services Network, and VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. Our every ATM Machine is connnected to all major financial networks. ATM processing is also available for any ATM currently installed in your business. eCashATMs has chosen to work with only the highest quality and most technologically advance companies to its ATM transactions Processing. eCashATMs recognized world leader in dial-up ATM technology, With a record of virtually up time 99.99%, We deliver significantly more approved customer transactions. Our superior performance is due to advance technology that accepts and routes transactions to the proper network and bank.
We have found that our processor consistently gives us a higher percentage of cardholder approval. Most processors decline 5.12 to 10.92% more transactions than eCashATMs. Our processor developed a large state-of-art-processing network the includes major stratus and Tandem computers that are easily interfaced with PCs. This start-of-the -art-processing enables us to bring a unit on-line and operative in a few hours, instead of weeks it takes many of our competitors. Changes to the ATM can be made in matter of minutes versus a matter of weeks. Most of our competitors utilize processors that must be taken off-line in order to update or delete data. Thus data changes are slow and once a week the entire system is stopped to make changes. Many of our cometitors also use processors that have grown by adding one large mainframe after another. These mainframes do not have the ability to talk to each other. In comparison, eCashATMs reporting is consistently accurate, timely and concise, saving our customers many hours in accounting and management.

Online Reporting

eCashATMs provides free secured, web based reporting for all their clients. You can access your ATM accounts details i.e ATM banlances, Dollar revenues, ATM Transactions totals and trends from any web browser by provding your secure password provided by eCashATMs. By offer our real-time reporting system in a web based format we are able to get rid of the need for the user to pay for or install any other ATM reporting programs. You can simply log on to our secure website client Area, from any internet connection and view or download any data you desire.

ATM Reports Security and Authorization

All Reports that are generated are secure and real time. Only authorized users are allowed to log on to the web site secured Client Area and generate reports. Usernames are created and saved by a program administrator at eCashATMs. Authorization for new user access is only granted trhough a designated representative.

Reporting Mechanism

eCashATMs system will allow multiple users to access data with different permissions. For Example, a particular franchiesee may have access to veiw only their ATM machine, yet a regional manager will be able to access data from all automated teller machines in a particualr region. Furthermore, a log can be established for the entire portfolio of an ATM for the use of a marketing team or corporate office. As a result of these efforts, customer responses indicate that our product is enjoying an excellent reputation and we fully intend to continue this trend. We can even contact anyone on your behalf and can dispatch technicians if needed, making your ATM service hassle free.

ATMs Sales

eCashATMs is Authorized Dealer for Sale and service for the top noch brand HYOSUNG Nautilus
Pls click on More for list of Models. You can select the best ATM Machines according to your need.


ATMs Leasing

We do "In-house" ATM leasing, customized to meet each Customer's personal needs.

ATMs Upgrading

We provide parts and service for existing HYOSUNG ATM operators. eCash ATMs provides an upgrade service to keep our Customer's equipment compliant with Interac and other financial industry requirements.